Hitz Boyband

One more K-Pop boy band music that enliven Indonesia, Hitz. Vocal group with three personnel is one of the handsome native of Korea personnel.
Hitz is a boyband with personnel Irwan Chandra, Ferdinand Kartiko, and Lee Jeong Hoon Korean original. Incidentally Lee lived in Indonesia for participating parents who work in Surabaya.
Hitz Irwan Chandra established the idea that we know as the star actor and advertising. He has a desire to make boyband with the concept of K-Pop Korea characterized by the concept. "We want boyband with the concept of K-Pop, but the Indonesia-Korea collaboration," Irwan said during a visit to the editorial in the Jakarta Legal.
Irwan Lee bergabubung then ask when meeting in Semarang. Lee was being held a fashion show with Irwan. Hitz formed on March 10, 2011. Their first single, entitled Yes Yes Yes, released in mid-July 2011.
Irwan and Lee did not have any experience in the music industry, but Ferdinand is indeed a civil engineer graduate of the University of New South Wales, Australia. Since the age of 10 years, Ferdinand has been active in the music world. He could have a genre of pop rock band while in college in Ausie a position as a vocalist.
Form a boyband, they must be aware of singing and dancing. Instituted a choreographer named Oji that galvanize this trio to be able to dance. In one month they practiced until ready to appear on air on television.
Lee claimed to be surprised with exercises that just spent a month alone. He compared the boyband in their countries would take two to four years before entering the music industry penggemblengan. "Well, if here a month just so," said Lee is not fluent in Indonesia.
About the demands of dance, the men are able to adapt very well because it has the basic skills of self-defense. "So we make a boyband that men really, with an army clothes look," said Ferdinand.
Boyband after all, Ferdinand left the profession in the field of architecture. Likewise, Lee is willing to leave college in Seoul, South Korea.
"We believe this boyband is still preferable to two years. Because, in Europe and America also had a fever boy band, "said Irwan optimistic.

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